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Doreta Peppa
Some years ago, about 2000, I was invited in a talk show –you know, this kind of daytime shows which usually present “harmless” and indifferent issues and where it is not expected to see something special, something more than difficult to execute and expensive proposals for decoration, or cooking or makeup techniques or sometimes, even some brief “breaks” showing mysteries and metaphysical problems, which are interesting issues indeed, but there, at those shows, the presenters and also the usual invited TV persons can’t handle them (of course), so they face them in a quite “light” and superficial way (an unsavoury and “flat” way).
But at that specific show, I was really surprised. Suddenly, they aired a video with the last interview of a strange woman. She was a woman among those who we call psychics, she was a medium and normally I wouldn’t pay any attention to her –not even question to remember her till now- as most of these people (men and women) usually speak about extraordinary things (also meaningless things)! But that lady had something different, something which was attracting the attention.
First of all, she was a serious and aiged person and as she had declared, she was very sick (she died shortly after, as I was informed). She was expressing her words, because to these words I want to come in a moment, with a great emotion and during this brief interview, her eyes were constantly wet and tearful. A real, a not at all feigned sorrow was emerging from her really kind face.
What this woman had said? She had said that she was very pleased now that she was leaving this world, because she would not be here to see all these things which were coming and which she could see with her mental eyes. With a broken voice, she described that she was seeing two snakes rising over Greece in a few years, the one coming from the East and the other coming from the West. This was hurting her much, because she loved Greece so much! That prediction was true and we face it today… this exactly! The two snakes rising over Greece, the one coming from the East and the other coming from the West. Because… We have this financial –and not only, not any more- tyranny, the cruel looting of our country, the assault of the West against us. On the other hand, we have this massive invasion from the East, this tsounami of illegal immigrants, who, to a large extend, bring with them their rage against our world and their extreme and dangerous faith of the Islam. It is sure that this rage will erupt here too one day, soon, with an unbelievable and fanatic violence, since this enemy, the enemy of Humanism and of the Civilization –who had already emerged and make war, a terrible war, in the Middle East- is within the walls and he is ready to open the gates of Hell and to call the Asian war to expand, to come here, into our country.

This woman had said something more: “In a while, the whole place will be full of murderers. Not only our country (Greece), but the whole planet will be full of killers!” These exactly were her words. Now, when I remember this shocking prediction, I can only incline my head with respect to her memory –even if I don’t remember her name- and to admit that this lady, shortly before her death, had seen! She had seen the snakes of the East and of the West –and it is possible that this word “snakes” is much more literal than we can imagine- she saw these snakes rising over our holy land, she saw the killers who had flooded the place, the whole planet. Evil is everywhere. As for me, I will examine now these killers and the terrible crimes which they commit everyday. But I will not finish this now. This article is just the beginning…
Let’s start from the present. I don’t have to go far back in time. Just a few days ago, we had this terrible slaughter of so many people- -of so many children- a horrible crime which was executed by those blind fanatics, those bloody murderers in a school in Pakistan.  I don’t care who they are or in what they believe, I don’t care about their religious or political claims. I am indifferent towards the requests which could
possibly have these invaders who had attacked the school and who, as it was officialy announced, they were killed –if they had really been killed and not refuged secretely (excuse me, but I have some serious reservations about what they did with them in the end). Anyway, I only care about one thing: that they are murderers! Cold, horrible, pervert murderers! It’s true that this kind of criminals are used to involve God into their crimes all the time, but I have to say this to them: there is no God, not even one, no matter to whom someone believes, who rewards the crime and especially the slaughter of the innocent. Is it possible, can they seriously believe it that after having slaughtered children, they will be rewarded after death with pilaffs and entertainement into their paradise? No, there is not any decent ideology, there is not any real religion which can possibly justify this “killer”’s behavior! They have to stop, at last, all these perverts –the earth is full of perverts, any kind of perverts, in our days! These bipod monsters have to stop to invoke as an alibi for their perversion their ideas, their religion or their political demands! They have to stop telling that they do their outrages in the name of the fair and good God! Where is Justice, where is the Good in all these atrocious crimes? I can’t see any fair cause here, there is not any goodness in these intentions and these acts, there is not any morality in there! Moreover, all these who kill civilians, innocent people and children, are cowards! Also, they are not men! They are not wearing pants! Real men go and fight with equal opponents!  They do not attack the weak! This applies to all, without any exception, east and west of the globe! The butchers, armed or wearing ties –because these are butchers too, they slaughter in another way the innocents, so many innocents- are not real men! This I have to tell, this I believe since I am Hellene (Greek)!
But there is something else which we must also think as for this case of the children’s slaughter in Peshawar. There is an issue there… Who is really BEHIND these killers, who makes them to do these horrible crimes, who supports and abets them, who is training them and above all, who is PAYING for all this?
Enough for the time with this. Let’s go to the other side now, to the “west” side. There, also, things cannot humanly been accepted, barbarism reigns here too. We all saw in our TV this tragic event at the café, in Australia, with the hostages and the Iranian psychopath (I must tell you that I feel ashamed because his girlfriend is of a Greek origine). We saw that, but we also saw something more.The way that the police entered the café, the way that they started to shoot blindly and like crazy “targeting” everyone who could be in there! A real barrage of shooting in a place with too many hostages! Officially, it was told that they had made… negociations before this. What kind of negociations had they made with that lunatic? Did they say to him: “Get back, we enter, no matter who could be killed”?
Of course, the media had to tell their story: this always cool and well known fairy tail which they
usually tell to all of us! Is it possible for these little “parrots”, the Australian and the international media, to persuade any thinking person that these “guards of the legal order” had made any negociation? They hadn’t! The hours of the hostageship were very few and to make negociations in such cases you need time, and patience, and diplomacy. You have to deal with human lives here! Where is the strategic plan of the Australian police–a plan to rescue the hostages and not to slaughter them together with the criminal? What kind of operation was that? This wasn’t a police operation, this was a carnage, another massacre among all these which we see happening recently! It seems that this is a real epidemic disease, the disease of the innocent’s extermination! We have here a complete devaluation of the human life! Everywhere! Coming from too many sides! Coming from so different corners! From the butchers (adults or minors) in the US schools to the atrocious psychopaths like the Albanian killer with the Kalashnikov, who had recently shot without reason the people in a taverna in Piraeus, Greece! From the terrible ISIS’ butchers, who are slaughtering the Yezidis and other people in Iraq and Syria, to the secret and creepy execution of the 43 students in Mexico, which was probably a crime commited by the country status itself!
I come back to the previous. I insist! The Australian police –and mainly their officers of course- didn’t know that after entering the café in such a way, people would be killed and they would have victims? Of course they knew it! And they did it! It wasn’t a “mistake”! Let’s not kid ourselves! They WANTED to kill people! This is obvious, their tactics show it. They had named the victims “heros” –ok! So, what? They had “officially” pour crocodilian (fake) tears –what a disgusting hypocrisie, what a dissonance beside the true tears of the people, the citizens, who felt true pain for the death of these hostages. They were all so upset, even if they didn’t know personally the victims. Because humans are not bad, they are just bad informed! Also, they are not at all cautious (unfortunately) towards everything “served” to them by the official media, because if they were cautious, then they would react, because this would tell them to do their instict of self-preservation! They would defend themselves from the LIES! As for the others, the ones who “differ” (or at least they believe it), the ones who don’t act like humans, what can I say about them? Maybe they also do whatever their NATURE tells them to do! Because maybe this nature makes them thirsty for blood, it makes them hunters, who love chasing the victim! Because they want to, they love to hunt and kill!
But why I insist that in the Australian café case they WANTED to kill innocent people? Not only because the operation’s method is so eloquent about the intentions –even a child can understand that- but also because I combinate this with many other (too many) killings of innocent and unarmed citizens (most of them are blacks) which had been commited by the police in the US. The killers, the policemen who had made the killings, not only did not have any impact of the law, but it was as they had been ordered to make those crimes. You can realize that when you see the videos in the internet, as f.ex. the video with the cold execution of the 12 years’ boy, Tamir Rice, in Cleveland, Ohio. It was as if someone had ordered the policemen: “Shoot and kill! Don’t be afraid, noone will condemn you for this!”
If this truly happens, then… what’s going on here? Is it possible that there is something terrible, something so big and so evil, an execrable secret goal behind these murders which overwhelm the planet and are manifested as individual or mass killings, having a different reasoning every time, a different style, a different cause, and also different protagonists (bullies and victims) who have different ideologies, beliefs and options and come from apparently so “different” worlds every time? Moreover, this “diversity” in this crime issue is it possible that it happens that way so that these “unrelated” events could never be connected and make everyone understand this terrible truth behind the supposedly “coincidental” murders?
We stop here. We’ll start the investigation of this dark case slowly, we’ll start “unrolling the skein” of these killing methods which enter the “agenda” of the geopolitical reality little by little. Is that killing issue the next step for the implementation of the final plan which is launched by these sick minds which move the international yarn? We’ll see. We must have patience. Searching needs time and luck. I hope that I will have them both! Because these things are like the cloudy and dangerous water. The investigation bothers much… and too many… Too many powerful magnates!

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